Election of the Trustee

 Congratulations to ILL. Sir James A. Doel, on getting re-elected to the Board of Trustees, Shriners Hospitals for Children.

“I wanted to write and give you a quick update on our hospital system. You will be happy to know that your Joint Boards are working hard every day through this pandemic. The business of operating your hospital system continues to be our primary focus. We are working towards getting our system back to treating more kids in more places as soon as possible, while keeping the safety of our staff and patients as our first priority. One very encouraging development is the use and expansion of telemedicine. In this time of reduced physical contact, our staff is finding many more opportunities for virtual visits with our patients. These encounters include screening, follow up and in some cases physical therapy. This allows for interaction with our kids, in many cases in the comfort and safety of their own homes using a handheld device. While this is by no means a substitute for the great care that we provide in our facilities, it is and will be an important addition to our range of care both today and in the future.”
– James Doel

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