Family Fun 2021

Illustrious Sir Lyle Cavanagh

It is indeed an honour that you have elected me to have the opportunity to serve as Tunis Potentate for 2021.  I promise you that I will do my best during this pandemic to make Tunis Shriners successful fraternally and philanthropically.  Knowing we will face many challenges unlike before, we must plan for the unknown for this coming year.  The first challenge we face in this Fraternity is CHANGE.  Our Shriners Hospital for Children is making major changes to its system.  We do not have the 22 hospitals we once had, but the health centres are still giving the same great care to our children as before.  If we can’t get together to hold a meeting during this pandemic, as we have in the past, we have to adapt to change; we cannot sit back and wait until times get back to the way they were before.  It will be too late! Another challenge we face is MEMBERSHIP.  We all need to act now and work together within our Lodges to make them want to join this philanthropy.  We all need to be on the same team so as to work together.

My slogan is,



We are all facing uncertain TIMES FOR THIS UPCOMING YEAR.  Someday we’ll look back and laugh about it.  But until then, stay safe.My logo this year is a Hillbilly Hat with “Family Fun 2021”.  One of the reasons for the Hillbilly’s success is that they involve the whole family as part of their unit and making it fun to be at all of their events.  This is also Imperial Potentate Jim Smith’s slogan “Havin’ FUN in 21”.

My pin this year is a Hillbilly Hat with Family fun 2021. The reason for this pin is that the unit involves the family in all their gathering, which makes it an event for all to enjoy in the fun.  Also shown on the pin is the Maple Leaf with the square and Compasses of Freemasonry alluding to the fact that all Shriners are Freemasons.