In keeping with our tradition and our brand as the premier fraternal organization for men, the “Elected Divan” in some Oriental countries means the Executive Council.

In the same context of the Shrine, the Divan is the “executive council” of the organization and serves as the management team for both fraternal and business activities of the Tunis Shriners Temple. Each Temple around the world has its own “executive council” or “board of directors” and the minimum number of Divan members is set by the Imperial by-laws at five, with each of these being elected by the membership. Furthermore, two more elected officers are considered part of the Divan, namely the Recorder (Secretary) and Treasurer.


Illustrious Sir Lyle Cavanagh

Chief Rabban

Noble Richard Loomes


Assistant Rabban

Noble Adam Thompson

High Priest & Prophet

Noble Eric Owen

Oriental Guide

Noble Douglas Campbell


Ill. Sir Dennis Saikaley  P.P.


ILL. Sir Perry McConnell P.P.