Keystone Kops

Keystone Kops

From left to right : Jim Nolan Brian Cavanagh John Burton Norm Skinner Barry Mapplebeck Peter Houlton Jim Birtch Phil Pilon Bernie Duffen

The Keystone Kops is a unit of costumed Kops and Prisoners that participates in many parades. They have a 1921 Model T Ford paddy wagon that is driven in the parades.


The Keystone Kops are calling on all Shriners who do not at the present time belong to a Club or Unit.
Come out to a Parade and say hello, we will be happy to meet you. If you choose, you can join in on the Parade fun with us that very day.
We can outfit you in a Prisoner uniform and you can join us in making merry and having a great time with the spectators.
The Keystone Kops are the “FUN UNIT “and we pride ourselves in saying so. We have gatherings throughout the year and our wives are always a major part of the festivities.
The Keystone Kops believe in the socializing aspect of Tunis Shrine while at the same time never forgetting our mandate of helping the “ Kids “ and our Shrine Hospitals.
Come out, meet us “The Keystone Kops “and we know that you will have met friends for life. We are the “FUN UNIT “.


2017 Parades:

Renfrew June 3,
Packenham June 30,
Merrickville July 1
Ogdensburg July 29,
Almonte August 5,
Ottawa Ceremonial August 19,
Richmond September 16,
Ottawa “Toy Parade “November 18
Come out and Join us: No Commitment

Top Kop
Phil Pilon
(613) 253-4926
Desk Kop
James Birtch
(613) 257-5215

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