Brockville & Dist. Shrine Club championed Shriners Burn Awareness Week February 4th. to 10th. by manning a display table Saturday February 10th. at Walmart Brockville ON.

Approximately 90 Shrine bags of eight pieces of Burn Awareness/Prevention material was put together as handouts along with many balloons of various characters by Chipper the Clown during the day.

Due to the many questions asked gave the opportunity to explain who Shriners are and what we do in order to promote the world’s greatest philanthropy, “Shrine Hospitals for Children”.

This Public Relations exertion proved to be a win-win situation, particularly if one child is averted from a scald or burn from having read the material.

L to R. Nobles Doug Hone ~ Pal Perkins ~ Mark Smith and Chipper from the Brockville Klown Unit, a.k.a. Torrence McDonnell.