Potentate’s Message

Nobles and Ladies:

It is indeed an honour to have the opportunity to serve as Tunis Shriners’ Potentate for 2017; the year Canada celebrates its sesquicentennial birthday.
As part of this nationwide celebration, on August 17, 18, and 19 we will host the Northeast Shrine Association’s annual Field Days in Ottawa. This event sees the fifteen Shrine Temples in the region come together for a series of business meetings, friendly competitions and family friendly social events.
All the NSA activities will be held close to the centre of Ottawa and the participants will stay at hotels downtown where they can enjoy the tourist sites; with little, if any, need to drive. Additionally, in concert with the normal NSA activities, we are holding our Annual Ceremonial, initiating new Tunis members, hopefully along with candidates from a number of other Temples, August 18th.
Continued growth remains our number one priority. Over the last two years with our focus on membership and a family oriented Membership Strategy we have seen a material increase in the size of our incoming classes; we anticipate that trend to continue this year; in the “John G. Diefenbaker Class”, named in honour of Tunis’ first Potentate.
Over the year we anticipate a full slate of Social activities for our members and their families. Lately, we have seen a marked increase in both the number of events and participation at them through the integration of our Noble’s wives and families into Club meetings, Civic parades etc. Some events, such as the Hillbilly Maws’ Wine and Cheese were initiated and are organized by the ladies. We expect that this family focus will continue to aid turnout and encourage Masons and their families to join us.
We anticipate a fun, busy year! We invite you, your family and friends to join us!


Dave Wood
Potentate, 2017