Nobles ALL,


We are approximately 5 months away from our Tunis Ceremonial to be held in conjunction with NSA2017. If you all recall our recruitment target is 40 New Nobles for Tunis this special year. The 2017 class will be called the JOHN DIEFENBAKER CLASS in honour of our former Prime Minister and as this year is Canada’s 150th we are setting the initiation fee at $150 down from the usual $275. Our NSA2017 event has also been designated an Ottawa2017 event.

We are sending out this plea to all of you in hopes that each of you will give an honest effort in recruiting a new Noble. Every member of Tunis is a member of our Membership Team. WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW!!! There must be a particular Mason in your Lodge that you could recommend as a future Shriner. The future of our own Tunis Temple, our overall fraternity & philanthropy is hanging in the balance if we cannot sustain our numbers. Please think about this seriously and make the effort. Most of us became Shriners because we were all led in one way or another by a child, be it on a personal or a virtual level. That mandate has not changed and we are now more than ever in need of more Nobles to carry on with our mission.

Help us out, go out to your Lodges, get on your phones and recruit those 40 Nobles that we so desperately need. Applications are available from Barb at the office (613-729-2296) and Clubs & Units should have them as well. We will personally deliver an application to you if necessary.

Tunis will be the showcase of the August NSA2017 Field Days & Ceremonial. Other Northeast Temples are also planning on bringing up some candidates for initiation at our special event. Lets make sure that Tunis has an impressive number of candidates for August 18.

Your attention & assistance to this request  is greatly appreciated.


Yours in the Faith


Peter Rippstein P.P.   Co-Chairman  Membership (613-297-7098

Lionel Rowe P.P.        Co-Chairman  Membership (613-290-9651)